How to Counteract Harmful Gender Norms?

Answer Seek to counter harmful gender norms that lead to sexual coercion, abuse and exploitation of women and girls. Very often men or woman alike, have preconceived ideas on how to badly treat or mistrea... Read More »

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Whats a good TV sitcom or soap that violates gender norms?

Look at The Mighty boosh. Subverts gender norms with character of Vince Noir - a very feminine boy. Answer Skins is quality. It doesn't really address gender roles specifically but has a crack at p... Read More »

What Are Prescriptive Norms Vs. Proscriptive Norms?

Norms are the rules and expectations that govern a society. While such rules and expectations vary by culture, compliance with established norms is expected of every individual in society. Every no... Read More »

How to Use the Chinese Birth Gender Chart for Gender Selection?

Chinese Birth Gender Chart, a free but very accurate gender selective method is very popular in the western world nowadays. To use the chart, you need only two pieces of information - The lunar mon... Read More »

BMI Norms for Children?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement used to assess if a person is obese, overweight, average size or underweight. BMI is a number that is calculated using the height and weight of an individual.... Read More »