How to Counter Offer a New Job Salary?

Answer How you present your counteroffer to a salary and benefits package offered by an employer can negatively affect your relationship with him. Stand your ground on the base salary you need, but compro... Read More »

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How to Write a Counter Offer to the Purchase Offer?

Everyone who is selling a home longs for the day when they will receive an offer to purchase it. If the terms that the purchaser is offering are not acceptable, the seller of the home can make a c... Read More »

Are there any pharmacies or places that offer over the counter antibiotics for ear infections?

The Homeopathic Remedy MULLIEN OIL works wonders in ear infections without any side effects or complications and it is available over the counter at most Health and Herbs Stores. If that does not h... Read More »

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary in a Job Offer?

Before you sign an employment contract and after an offer is made is the best time to negotiate a higher salary. The ball is in your court to accept or reject an offer. Your counteroffer should tak... Read More »

Letter Asking for a Higher Salary With an Employment Offer?

An employer who gives you a salary offer with an employment offer expects you to accept the offer or present a negotiation letter with the figure you find to be reasonable. Before you write a figur... Read More »