How to Counter Grapple?

Answer When you get into a fight, the best thing to know how to do is defend yourself. But even before you get into a fight, do what you can to prevent one. Counter-grappling is not designed to hurt your ... Read More »

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How to Win a Grapple Easily?

If you do end up having to defend yourself in a fight (or in a wrestling match), grappling is a good way of getting your opponent into a vulnerable position on the ground. Follow these steps and yo... Read More »

How to Make a Grapple Pistol?

A grapple pistol fires a projectile that grabs hold of the object it strikes so you can pull it towards you. You can make a grapple pistol out of your spring-loaded pellet pistol by adding a few it... Read More »

How to Beat Magnus Von Grapple?

Magnus Von Grapple is the 2nd boss of Paper Mario 2, under Lord Crump's work at The Boggly Tree. He's probably the easiest boss in the game, but some people still have problems.

How to Sneak up and Grapple Someone?

Grappling can be a very tricky thing. You can either move too slow, move too quick and not get a hold on, or not know how to maintain it, this article may help you.