How to Counter Grapple?

Answer When you get into a fight, the best thing to know how to do is defend yourself. But even before you get into a fight, do what you can to prevent one. Counter-grappling is not designed to hurt your ... Read More »

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How to Sneak up and Grapple Someone?

Grappling can be a very tricky thing. You can either move too slow, move too quick and not get a hold on, or not know how to maintain it, this article may help you.

How to Win a Grapple Easily?

If you do end up having to defend yourself in a fight (or in a wrestling match), grappling is a good way of getting your opponent into a vulnerable position on the ground. Follow these steps and yo... Read More »

What Gene Is Being Changed in a Grapple?

Grapple brand apples are not hybrids of both grapes and apples but are apples that taste like grapes. No genes are modified in the production of a Grapple. Grapples begin either as Gala apples or F... Read More »

How to Make a Grapple Pistol?

A grapple pistol fires a projectile that grabs hold of the object it strikes so you can pull it towards you. You can make a grapple pistol out of your spring-loaded pellet pistol by adding a few it... Read More »