How to Count Your Sugar Intake?

Answer Sugar is everywhere. It's loaded into our soft drinks and candy; we add it to our coffee in the morning; it's hidden in frozen foods and soups; and even in health drinks that are supposed to be so ... Read More »

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600 My count has gone over 600 but i am not eating anything with high sugar count i am drinking water `?

If you are not on injectable insulin, the doctor may have to order that for you.Your blood sugar should never get that high. You are in danger of going into a diabetic coma or going temporairly bli... Read More »

How to Count Calorie Intake to Lose Weight Effectively?

Calorie intake in a calculated way is the key mantra in the weight loss program. No matter how much effort one puts into shedding those extra kilos, ignorance towards the daily calorie count could ... Read More »

What is a normal sugar count?

Normal blood sugar, or blood glucose, levels in humans are 70 to 150 mg. Glucose, a sugar that travels through the bloodstream, is the primary energy source for humans.Low Blood Sugar LevelsLower b... Read More »

I am 53 female what is the normal sugar count for my age thank you?

The correct response, my friend, depends on when during the day you test your blood sugar (glucose) level.A fasting (after not eating overnight) blood sugar level for a non-diabetic would normally ... Read More »