How to Count Calories?

Answer Whether it is that post-holiday time of year, the end of a pregnancy or just the result of a sedentary lifestyle, somehow the extra pounds got there, and something has to change to lose the weight.... Read More »

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How do you count calories?

You just keep track of how many calories you eat. Like for example if one serving of something is 150 calories and you eat two servings then you ate 300 calories then you just keep track of all the... Read More »

If I eat intuitively and don't count calories, how do I know if I've eaten too much?

Your intuition is not accurate. Humans evolved in an environment of scarcity, so our intuition tells us to eat more than we need to. One guideline I read recently to counteract that is to stop when... Read More »

How to Count Calories Using Total Weight?

Although a change in diet through healthy choices is advocated by many, there are successful dieters who have achieved their goals from counting calories. Counting calories via the total weight of ... Read More »

How to Lose Weight and Not Count Your Calories?

Let's start by getting the burning question off your mind right now. "How in the world can I lose weight by not counting my calories?" It's very simple. Avoid the foods that make you gain weight, a... Read More »