How to Cosplay Shin from Nana?

Answer Shin, the teenage bassist of Nana's Band- BLAST.

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How to Cosplay As Nana Oosaki from "Nana"?

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How to Cosplay As Sawada Shin of Gokusen?

Sawada Shin is the cool, quiet and smart leader of the section 3-D in the anime Gokusen. If you're interested in becoming (or at least acting) like him, here's how:

Shin sprints or shin fracture?

This happens mostly because when you run, the balls of your feet hit the ground first which is what happens when you run fast.For the meantime, slow down your running and try to let the heels of yo... Read More »

How likely is it that my nana will make it?

I honestly don't think that she has much time to live, but I'm gonna tell you that what matters is what you do in that remaining time with your nana. Make every moment count. :)