How to Cosplay Kagome Higurashi?

Answer Have you ever wondered what it felt like to cosplay an anime character? Well, this article is about how to cosplay Higurashi Kagome, the heroine from the anime/manga InuYasha! Here's how.

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How to Cosplay Hanyuu Higurashi Kai?

Have you every loved Hanyuu from Higurashi Kai? This will tell you how to cosplay as her.

How to Play "Kagome Kagome"?

"Kagome Kagome" is a Japanese children's game. Most children in Japan play this game. It is sometimes played at schools.

Is the 2nd season higurashi in engish dub?

How to Draw Kagome Higorashi from Inuyasha?

Kagome Higorashi was born in modern Japan. She is a spiritual reincarnation of priestess Kikyo. She is the main protagonist of InuYasha series. One her special abilities is that she can sense the w... Read More »