How to Cosplay As a Twilight Vampire?

Answer Are you a twilight fan? Have you always wanted to be like one of the vampires? Here's a guide to help!

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How to Act, Look, and Dress Like a Twilight Cullen or a Twilight Newborn Vampire?

Ever wanted to freak friends out? Or just dress up realistically for fun? Well now you can! Do you want to make people believe that you are a Cullen? Follow these steps to become a Twilight vampire!

How to Cosplay Shirayuki Mizore (Rosario+Vampire)?

This article will teach you how to cosplay and act like Shirayuki Mizore from the popular anime show Rosario+Vampire.

How to Cosplay As Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight?

Kaname Kuran is one of the strangest and most powerful characters from the anime/manga "Vampire Knight". He is a pureblood vampire and also the brother of Yuuki Cross (Kuran). If you're interested ... Read More »

How to Cosplay As Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight?

Yuuki Cross is the main character of the anime/manga Vampire Knight. If you want to cosplay as her, read on.