How to Cosplay As a Twilight Vampire?

Answer Are you a twilight fan? Have you always wanted to be like one of the vampires? Here's a guide to help!

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How to Act, Look, and Dress Like a Twilight Cullen or a Twilight Newborn Vampire?

Ever wanted to freak friends out? Or just dress up realistically for fun? Well now you can! Do you want to make people believe that you are a Cullen? Follow these steps to become a Twilight vampire!

How to Cosplay Shirayuki Mizore (Rosario+Vampire)?

This article will teach you how to cosplay and act like Shirayuki Mizore from the popular anime show Rosario+Vampire.

How to Cosplay As Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight?

Yuuki Cross is the main character of the anime/manga Vampire Knight. If you want to cosplay as her, read on.

How to Cosplay As Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight?

Kaname Kuran is one of the strangest and most powerful characters from the anime/manga "Vampire Knight". He is a pureblood vampire and also the brother of Yuuki Cross (Kuran). If you're interested ... Read More »