How to Cosplay As a Television Character?

Answer There are always those few characters that stay hooked to your mind throughout the day. They inspire you, and you look to them for advice on difficult decisions. You wish you could mirror their per... Read More »

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What is the name of a television show from the early 90's where the main character had a band and when the main character hit a specific chord on his guitar he would be sucked into his computer?

The name of the show was Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. When someone would strike a specific chord and say a certain line, they would get sucked into a portal found in the computer in a basement. ... Read More »

How to Cosplay As a Hufflepuff Character?

Of all the Hogwarts Houses, Hufflepuff is probably the least mentioned. So if you simply LOVE this house, you need more information. This is your one-stop best guide to being a true Hufflepuff, wri... Read More »

How to Cosplay As a Hetalia Character?

Do you want to cosplay as a character of this popular anime? Keep on reading!

How to Cosplay an Anime Character?

A cosplayer of Naruto's Uchiha SasukeCosplay is the art of imitating a character from an anime, manga, video game or other form of visual media. While cosplaying started out as a trend in Japan, it... Read More »