How to Cosplay As a Corleone Mobster from the Godfather?

Answer How to look like a Corleone mobster

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10 points. Godfather- Did Fredo Corleone die in the book?

Not in the book "The Godfather". The book ends with the move to Las Vegas. The only part from the book in 2 and 3 was the young Vito flash back in 2.

Best mobster movie Not including Goodfellas and The Godfather.?

The Departed (although its more of a cop movie)The Godfather: PART II (you didn't ban this one)CasinoMean StreetsOnce Upon a Time in AmericaA Bronx TaleCarlito's WayDonnie BrascoThe UntouchablesThe... Read More »

Will you be a mobster in my Mobsters App on Myspace?

add me ill join anyones mob

Who was Frank White the mobster?

Frank White is a fictional character played by Christopher Walken in the film "King of New York." Directed by Abel Ferrera, "King of New York" debuted in 1990.HistoryAfter being imprisoned in Sing ... Read More »