How to Cosplay As Yuna from Final Fantasy X?

Answer YunaSo,you've played FFX and became amazed by the realistic characters? Here is how to be like Yuna, the heroine of the game.

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How to Cosplay As Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X 2?

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How to Cosplay As Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7?

You've played FF7, maybe you've seen the movie, Advent Children. Now it's time. Ever want to cosplay Vincent Valentine? Well, here's how, in some fairly simplistic steps.

How to Cosplay As Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8?

These easy steps will help you in becoming Squall Leonhart, the heroic protagonist of Final Fantasy 8. You will need a lot of materials but they are fairly easy to find.

How to Cosplay as Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children?

Ok, so this is how to cosplay as yuffie from final fantasy VII advent children and Kingdom Hearts 2. for girls mostly...don't know why guys would want to do this...