How to Cosplay As Riku Miyagusuku on Blood?

Answer Riku Miyagusuku is the adorable adopted little brother of Saya Otonashi and Kai Miyagusuku on the anime "Blood+". If you're interested in cosplaying as him, read on.

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How to Cosplay As Saya from Blood?

Read this and be like Saya Otonashi from the anime series, Blood+!

How to Make a Riku Wig?

Riku is one of the characters from the Kingdom Hearts video games. In the games, he has silvery-gray hair that is around shoulder length and layered in chunks. When making a wig for a Riku costume,... Read More »

Cosplay Store in Las Vegas (or general help with cosplay)?

Cosplay, 9811 W Charleston Blvd Ste 2-540, Las Vegas, NV 89117. 702-944-9664

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