How to Cosplay As Q Ko Chan?

Answer Q-Ko-Chan is the lovable robot girl from Ueda Hajime’s “Q-Ko-Chan ~ The Earth Invader Girl”. This article will show you how to cosplay as her, whether you're serious, or for a cosplay act. Th... Read More »

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Cosplay Store in Las Vegas (or general help with cosplay)?

Cosplay, 9811 W Charleston Blvd Ste 2-540, Las Vegas, NV 89117. 702-944-9664

What does onii chan mean?

"Oniichan" means older brother in Japanese, but it is also used toward a young man who is older than the person who is saying it. "Onii" means brother; "chan" is a suffix used to show affection or ... Read More »

How to Become a Decora Chan or Kun?

Decora is Japanese street fashion subculture.The word 'decora' is simply a shortened version of 'decoration' and is mostly worn by young Japanese teens. Decora is identifiable through the use of to... Read More »

How to Do Stunts Like Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan uses no stunt doubles and when he does a stunt, he really does it. As a result, he broke just about every bone in his body. But, you can be him without having broken bones or bad bruises.