How to Cosplay As Near from Death Note?

Answer If you really wish to achieve total genius, and surpass others, become like Near. You will develop a higher I.Q. and understand more then you wish to know, making you smarter and a more interesting... Read More »

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How to Cosplay As L Death Note?

Have you ever wanted to look like L or cosplay as him? This will give you some tips for your cosplay.

How to Become a Death Note Shinigami (Cosplay)?

Shinigami, or death gods, rule the world of Death Note. A shinigami's purpose in life is to kill humans to extend their own lifespan, with the use of a death note. While it may be impossible in rea... Read More »

How to Make a "Death Note" Cosplay?

Cosplay is a term that combines the word costume with the word play; cosplay means to dress up in a costume as a character, and act like it. Fans often dress as their favorite characters at convent... Read More »

How to Cosplay As Mello from Death Note?

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