How to Cosplay As Light from Death Note?

Answer Light, (Raito) Yagami from the Anime/manga Death Note is an awesome character, and it's obvious why people want to be like him. It's impossible to be just like him though, but it is possible to tak... Read More »

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How to Cosplay As Near from Death Note?

If you really wish to achieve total genius, and surpass others, become like Near. You will develop a higher I.Q. and understand more then you wish to know, making you smarter and a more interesting... Read More »

How to Cosplay As L Death Note?

Have you ever wanted to look like L or cosplay as him? This will give you some tips for your cosplay.

How to Cosplay As Mello from Death Note?

Are you interested in cosplaying as the blonde inferior chocolate loving boy from Death Note? Read on.

How to Become a Death Note Shinigami (Cosplay)?

Shinigami, or death gods, rule the world of Death Note. A shinigami's purpose in life is to kill humans to extend their own lifespan, with the use of a death note. While it may be impossible in rea... Read More »