How to Cosplay As Jack Harkness?

Answer Captain Jack HarknessJack Harkness, leader of Torchwood's Cardiff base, Time Agent of the 51st century. There are several degrees to which you can work this costume depending on the materials and s... Read More »

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How old is Jack Harkness?

Jack is somewhere around 200 years old but I don't know about John BarrowmanCaptain Jack Harkness cannot die. (in the story)

Is captain jack harkness gay?

he is bisexual because he kisses Ianto and Ianto is a boy and he kisses Gwen and he is heartbroken when he finds out she is engaged to someond else.

When did captain jack harkness come into doctor who?

In the episode, "The Empty Child." Christopher Eccleston starred as the ninth doctor. It was in season one, 2005. The companion was Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper.

Why is Captain Jack Harkness immortal?

Because when the Doctor's companion (Rose) was full the time vortex energy from the Tardis, she willed him back to life, and it was so powerful that he couldn't die. Although, in other episodes it ... Read More »