How to Cosplay As Dib from Invader Zim?

Answer Your favorite Paranormal Investigator, Dib!Have you ever wanted to be like your favorite paranormal investigator Dib? This article can help you do that!

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How to Cosplay As Gir from Invader Zim?

Do you watch Invader Zim? Do you just fall over laughing when GIR goes silly? What if you could act like GIR? It's easy.

How to Cosplay As Invader Zim?

Nobody can be exactly like Invader Zim, but this guide shows you how to act like him.

Who is Gir from invader zim?

GIR is an robot (sir unit) given to the irken defective zim when he goes on a fake mission to planet earth. He rarely obeys Zim's commands, yet was never permanentlyreplaced because he seems to be ... Read More »

Why is gir from invader zim not on anymore?

Nickelodeon cancelled Invader Zim in 2002 . Because in an episode Gir was bloody and Nickelodeon thought that was to vilont and kids thought it was scary. But Invader Zim is back on.