How to Correct the Grammar of Stringy Sentences?

Answer Stringy sentences contain too many clauses (groups of words) connected by conjunctions such as "and," "so" and "but." Sentences with numerous clauses present too much information at once, causing a... Read More »

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How to Explain Compound & Simple Sentences to Grammar School Kids?

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How to Correct Your Grammar?

When you first learned English, you learned some ways to put sentences together. Over time you may have forgotten the grammar rules you learned and developed some poor grammar habits. If English is... Read More »

How to Correct Grammar in the ESL Classroom?

Grammar is one of the biggest hurdles for the ESL student to overcome, but it is the key to moving from basic language comprehension to absolute fluency. ESL students long for the ability to commun... Read More »

Tips on Correct Grammar?

The English language has complex rules of grammar, usage and syntax. Proper grammar in writing English gives your work an impression of professionalism and therefore lends credibility to your state... Read More »