How to Correct an "Admin/Confirm_Body.Tpl Does Not Exist" Error in Phpbb2?

Answer Have you ever attempted to delete a style via the Administration panel in phpBB2 and received the error, "Template->make_filename(): Error - file admin/confirm_body.tpl does not exist"? A misplaced... Read More »

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Registry error scan - are they all scams, or does a useful, reputable application for this exist?

Yes, they are real and I feel they ARE helpful. They remove any erroneous entries (like from old programs that are uninstalled) and keep the registry clean.I prefer CCleaner by Pirform, as it also ... Read More »

How do I correct an error in Excel?

Alternatively, you should round your tax calcualtion to the nearest penny so that you don't have roundoff error. Simply take the formula that you are using to calculate the tax and enclose it in a... Read More »

How to Correct an IE Script Error?

Script is programming language complied in a list format that is used by Web pages to run correctly. The script command list needs an execution program, such as a Web browser, to translate the list... Read More »

How to correct a scanner error 0x00000015?

Have you installed the correct driver for your scanner ... taking into consideration which Operating System you're using on your computer, my friend? Your error message is saying, to me, that the ... Read More »