How to Correct Shoulder Posture?

Answer Many people develop poor posture in the shoulders from sitting too much at work. This is usually caused by improper pelvic alignment that causes a chain reaction of misalignment throughout your bod... Read More »

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Ergonomics & Correct Posture?

Ergonomics teaches us that there is actually a right and wrong way to lift heavy boxes and type on a computer keyboard. Practicing good posture has a lot to do with minimizing occupational injuries... Read More »

How to Use Adhesive Tape to Correct Posture?

Posture correction!Use an adhesive tape to correct your posture.

How to Use Correct Posture when Playing Classical Guitar?

You play classical guitar, but you're uncomfortable while playing. Once you read this 8-step article, you'll be comfy AND good at playing, AT THE SAME TIME!

How to Use Correct Posture and Body Position for Piano Playing?

Position when playing the piano is very important, it can affect how you play your Music. And an incorrect way of positioning your back and hands can cause aches.