How to Copyright a Book With a Pen Name?

Answer Writers have adopted pseudonyms or pen names to disguise themselves for a number of reasons: to hide their true gender (Alice Sheldon writing as James Tiptree, Jr.), to hide their work in a differe... Read More »

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How to Buy the Copyright for an Old Book?

If an old book still has a following but is no longer in print, buying the copyright is a good way for writers or publishers to meet the demand and earn extra money. Obtaining the copyright to old ... Read More »

How to Copyright a Book?

After writing your novel or non-fiction book, (or even your manuscript, online work, poetry, or other text), you'll be wanting to ensure it remains your work for you to benefit from for some time t... Read More »

How to Copyright & Self Publish a Book?

Nowadays, anyone can write a book and easily self-publish it. In the past, printing processes and costs prohibited small runs of books, so self-publishing was difficult and expensive. But with the ... Read More »

How to Copyright a Book Internationally?

You can copyright a book internationally by registering your work with the Library of Congress. Copyright protection for books or any other works registered with the Library of Congress extends to ... Read More »