How to Copy and Paste in Flash?

Answer After creating a Flash animation or opening an existing presentation, your workspace stage may be filled with hundreds of items such as images, video clips, buttons and text blocks. To extend the a... Read More »

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How to Copy & Paste Flash Replay Buttons?

In Flash, the replay button is most often going to be found at the end of a presentation or an automated slide show of some sort, and its design is to allow viewers to quickly start over from the b... Read More »

How to Copy and Paste Keyframe Sequences in Flash?

Adobe Flash offers great flexibility in the creation of animated movies. Even when you plan your project ahead of time, mistakes can happen or you could change your mind. Keyframe sequences are ser... Read More »

Can I copy/paste or save "Flash" pictures?

There is, but it's kinda ghetto. Usually what I do when a website disallows copying photos is I hit the [Print Screen] key on the keyboard. It's the very next button to the right of F12. What it do... Read More »

Is there a site where you can copy and paste fonts like write in what you want and then copy it? can't just copy and paste it though. You either need to save it as a picture or download the font. Assuming you have Windows, you would download ... Read More »