How to Copy a Picture off of Google Onto Your Pictures?

Answer Copying pictures from the Internet is as simple as a mouse click. For the uninitiated, the task may seem unfamiliar. However, saving your favorite pictures from Google and other websites is one of ... Read More »

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How to Copy a Picture From Google Maps?

One of the limitations of Google Maps is its inability to save map images. Right-clicking the map brings up a Maps option menu instead of the traditional Windows right-click menu. Saving a map is n... Read More »

How do i put up pictures on google so I can be able to search it and copy the url?

If you have a Google Account, you can use the account to upload pictures to Panoramio. It is an image-sharing website by Google. Once you upload an image, you can give it's URL to anybody you want.... Read More »

How long doesone google earth picture last until they take a new one (satellite pictures)?

It really depends... Taking satellite photos is really expensive and the country/state usually has to pay for it... So it is whenever that area deems it necessary to pay for a new satellite image t... Read More »

Can I copy a picture off of the internet (sports picture), save it on disk and have printed on poster?

Internet pictures are at 72dpi (most often) which means that is you attempt to blow it up bigger than the size that it is on the computer, it will be really pix-elated and look kind of crappy.copyr... Read More »