How to Copy a CD to Flash on a Mac?

Answer Most Mac computers come with a CD drive and a USB slot. These are extremely useful features that can work in tandem when you have a small flash drive and a bunch of files that you want to transfer.... Read More »

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How to Copy and Paste in Flash?

After creating a Flash animation or opening an existing presentation, your workspace stage may be filled with hundreds of items such as images, video clips, buttons and text blocks. To extend the a... Read More »

How do I copy a Flash picture?

Find the ImageBring up the Flash image that you want to copy.Copy Image to ClipboardPress the "Prt Scr" (Print Screen) button located near the top right of your keyboard. This will copy whatever is... Read More »

How to Copy a Flash Picture?

On the Internet, the majority of pictures can be saved to your hard drive simply by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Save As." Flash pictures are a different matter, however. These are im... Read More »

How do I copy a Flash video?

Locate the VideoOpen the folder where the video is located on your computer, or insert the CD-Rom that contains the video file into your computer's disc drive, and open the resulting folder or icon... Read More »