How to Copy World of Warcraft Patches to the Computer?

Answer Open-ended video games such as "World of Warcraft" rely on content patches to deliver new material and keep players interested in the game. Originally released in 2004, "WoW" has outlived many of t... Read More »

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How to Copy "World of Warcraft" Patches to a Computer With Windows 7?

Blizzard Entertainment periodically releases patches for "World of Warcraft" that must be downloaded and installed to your computer to avoid a disruption of game play. These patches add new feature... Read More »

How to Copy "World of Warcraft" Characters?

"World of Warcraft" is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In "World of Warcraft," data for user-created characters exists in a single r... Read More »

How to Buy World of Warcraft Virtual Currency Without Risking Your World of Warcraft Account?

Buying World of Warcraft gold is heatedly discussed by World of Warcraft players, but buying World of Warcraft gold can be highly risky. This article give some tips on how to reduce the risk when y... Read More »

My Computer keeps shutting OFF when i play World of Warcraft?

Is it just shutting down like off or rebooting? It could possibly be a RAM problem. You might have got a bad stick and when it's fills up to the bad spot it reboots or shuts the pc down. You can ge... Read More »