How to Copy Voice Memos From an iPod?

Answer If you're on the go and you have the proper hardware, you can create voice memos with your iPod touch, iPod classic or iPod nano. You can listen to voice memos directly on your device or through yo... Read More »

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How do you put voice memos in repeat mode on ipod touch?

Record your message then find where it is saved and play it

Can you upload voice memos from your iPhone on youtube?

The Voice Memo app on iPhone records only audio data, and ".M4A" file extension is used. On YouTube you can't upload a file in that format. You need a computer.What you should do is converting your... Read More »

How to Copy a Voice Memo From an iPhone?

An iTunes sync will copy a voice memo from your iPhone to your computer. When successfully executed, the voice memo copy will reside securely in your iTunes music library even after you've deleted ... Read More »

How do you copy iPod music on to your itunes from a friend's iPod?

AnswerYou cant you have to have them either email you songs from their itunes or burn you a CD from their itunes and then you can load it onto your itunes\ipodSuper easy way to get your hands on yo... Read More »