How to Copy & Save Games From the XBox to a PC?

Answer The Microsoft Xbox, unlike many of the other consoles of the sixth generation, has the ability to store game save files onto a memory card, which can be accessed through an Xbox controller. If you ... Read More »

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Can I copy Xbox games?

It is legal to make a personal copy of an Xbox game if you own the game and want the copy for your own backup. It is not legal to make a copy of a rented or borrowed game, nor is it legal to sell o... Read More »

How to Save Games to the XBox 360?

The Xbox 360's hard drive has numerous convenient features, including the ability to attach and remove from any console to take your game and media data on the go. Another useful feature is the abi... Read More »

How to Copy DVDs & Xbox Games?

DVDs and Xbox game discs can be copied to your computer and then burned via several programs available online. These programs convert the entire file structure of a DVD or Xbox game to a single fil... Read More »

How many games can the xbox arcade save with 256 mb?

The number of games you can download from the Xbox Live Arcade to 256 MB of space on an Xbox 360 memory card depends on the game's size. Many smaller games take up at least 100 MB. You'll likely be... Read More »