How to Copy Outlook Internet Account Settings?

Answer "Backup everything" has become more than simply good advice in computing circles, it has elevated almost to the point of holy writ. It is important to keep backups of your essential data, just in c... Read More »

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What Are the Outlook Account Settings for AT&T U-Verse?

"Outlook" is Microsoft's email client application. An email client is a computer program that connects to a Web mail account(s), allowing users to send, receive and manage emails from one or more W... Read More »

Where are my Outlook Express email account settings?

You can access your Outlook Express email account settings by clicking "Tools" in the menu bar and selecting "Accounts." This will list the email accounts you currently have set up and allow you to... Read More »

How to Transfer Outlook Email Account Settings to a Laptop?

There are six main Outlook settings files, according to Microsoft. You'll need to export these files onto a flash drive, then import them onto your laptop to transfer them. When exporting the files... Read More »

Is there an easy way to copy photos from my gmail account to my facebook account?

David,We just started web site called which tries to address this problem. I'm not aware of any other service doing this. Showzey will go trough your Gmail mailbox and transfer all ... Read More »