How to Copy From iPod to iTouch?

Answer The contents of an iPod can be copied to your iTunes library using special software, and then you can upload it to an iPod Touch.

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How do I copy pictures to iTouch?

Download iTunesThe iTouch is meant to work with iTunes software. By typing in your web browser, you can easily get to the main iTunes site online. Click the "Download" option a... Read More »

What should i get the ipod or the itouch?

go for an ipod classic, u can get 80gig for the same price of a 8gig itouch

Ipod nano or itouch wat one is better?

ipod touch.i have the nano, i like it but the itouch has so much more stuff. all of my friends have it and everytime im with them i take it (:if you get it you should get the App called "Tap Tap Re... Read More »

New iPod Nano or iTouch?

It depends whether you're a big music listener or you'd like a PDA-type gadget.If you're looking for something to listen to music on all the time, get the Nano.The iPod touch is good for music, but... Read More »