How to Copy From iPod to iTouch?

Answer The contents of an iPod can be copied to your iTunes library using special software, and then you can upload it to an iPod Touch.

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How do you copy iPod music on to your itunes from a friend's iPod?

AnswerYou cant you have to have them either email you songs from their itunes or burn you a CD from their itunes and then you can load it onto your itunes\ipodSuper easy way to get your hands on yo... Read More »

Can you transfer pictures from a nikon slr to an Itouch and be able to view them on the itouch?

yes. but you have to do it through the computer. you download the pictures from the nikon to the computer and when you have finished doing that, you have to make a folder under my pictures of the p... Read More »

How to Copy Music from iPod to Computer With Imtoo Ipod Computer Transfer?

Nowadays, many people have this question. We know how to copy music from computer to iPod using iTunes, but how to copy music from iPod to computer? This article will show you the answer and guide ... Read More »

How to Copy From an iPod 4G?

Apple's iPod is a versatile, portable MP3 player that was introduced in 2001. Copying the contents of an iPod has never been condoned by Apple, and the company has never released technology or soft... Read More »