How to Copy From a Cassette Player to a CD?

Answer Copying from a cassette player to a CD requires the intermediate step of converting the analog recording on the tape into a digital format that can then be burned to a disc. Hooking up the audio ou... Read More »

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How to Copy Cassette to CD?

If you have a stack of old cassette tapes lying around, you can copy the cassettes to CDs to preserve the material and play it on newer technology. Copying your cassettes is legal if you own the or... Read More »

How do I copy cassette music to a digital format?

Gather the Needed EquipmentPurchase any of the following if you don't yet have them: a CD recorder, audio cassette deck, blank CD-r disk, audio receiver and three sets of RCA audio cords.Connect Yo... Read More »

Can you copy/transfer songs from cassette tapes to cd's?

There's a lot of answers here, so I will try to cut through the random ramblings...NO it is not difficult and NO it does not require special (expensive) equipment and YES the results can be very go... Read More »

When was the first cassette player invented?

The cassette tape was invented by researchers at Phillips in 1967. Since then they've been used to store computer data but are best known to consumers for storing music.Source:How Cassette Tapes Work