How to Copy From One Worksheet & Paste to Another Using VBA?

Answer Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the ideal method to customize Excel 2010 to suit your needs. If you constantly find yourself performing the same tasks, such as copying data in Excel, you can... Read More »

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How to Copy a Worksheet From One Workbook to Another?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. It is a component of the Microsoft Office suite, which also includes Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. A spreadsheet is a group of cells arranged i... Read More »

How to Copy & Paste a Web Page to Another Website?

Some web pages bear repeating and should be seen on more than one site. There are those that are so interesting or important that you might want to copy and paste them onto your own site. The pro... Read More »

How to Copy Files Using a LAN Cable From One Computer to Another?

While connecting two computers together via an Ethernet cable may not be the most economical way to share files, it does have the advantage of providing an extremely high-speed transfer rate, which... Read More »

How do I copy& paste using the keyboard?

Copying InformationHighlight the piece of text or image you want to copy by left-clicking next to it, dragging your cursor across it, and then releasing the mouse button. Hold down the "Control" (c... Read More »