How to Copy Files From a Unix Operating System to a Flash Drive?

Answer In Windows, you can copy files to a flash drive just by connecting, dragging the files on, and disconnecting. Some versions of Unix support this as well, but for many, you must manually mount the d... Read More »

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How to Copy Files from a Unix Computer to a USB Flash Drive?

The Unix operating system is the backbone of the Internet. First developed by AT&T in the 1960s, Unix has spread throughout the world. The increasing popularity of the Linux variant of Unix, which ... Read More »

How do I copy files from a Unix computer to a Windows flash drive?

Mount the Flash DriveYou will need root or superuser privileges to complete this task. Insert the Windows-compatible flash drive into a USB port. In a terminal window or at the command line, type "... Read More »

Will a usb flash drive hold an operating system?

You can put an operating system on a USB flash drive---you will likely need several gigabytes of space depending on the OS---and boot a computer from it, assuming your motherboard allows it, accord... Read More »

SIMPLE: Can you have your operating system on a flash drive?

THINK: If you can install it on an SSD, then as long as the thumbdrive (basically an SSD) has enough space, yes you can do that.