How to Copy Data From a USB Dongle?

Answer Copying information from a USB dongle or a flash USB drive is much like copying files between two hard drives or from a CD or DVD to a hard drive. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X even feature ... Read More »

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How to Copy Data From VMware to HDD?

VMware Workstation is a virtual machine manager for Windows. The Mac version of the software is called VMware Fusion. It allows you to run a second operating system on your computer by borrowing ha... Read More »

How do i copy data from word to excel?

Select the text to be copied from Word. Click and drag the cursor across the data to be selected. Press "Ctrl" and "C" to copy the text that is highlighted. Go to the open Excel workbook. Click on ... Read More »

How do i copy data from a floppy to a usb drive?

Insert the DiskPush the floppy disk into the drive on your computer. Connect your USB drive to an available port on the computer. This process works for all types of USB drives, including flash dri... Read More »

How to Copy Data From a PDF to Excel That Does Not Paste Into One Cell?

You can copy information from a PDF file to an Excel workbook even if you can't select the information in the PDF. A PDF is an image that looks like a printed document file. You may find sometimes ... Read More »