How to Copy DVD Discs onto a PC and Burn a New DVD?

Answer There are a lot of programs where you can convert DVD to AVI, but if you want to keep the DVD format and copy it to another DVD you just have to follow a few simple steps.

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How to Copy Dvds to Hard Drive or Burn Dvds to Blank Discs?

Most DVD funs should have a large number of DVDs, there is a problem that how to protected these DVDs from damage, scratch, the best way is to make backup copies for them. But most DVDs have copy p... Read More »

How to Copy 3.5 Floppy Discs?

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How to Copy XBox 360 Discs?

The Xbox 360 is similar to other game consoles in that a game disc will no longer work in the DVD drive if it becomes scratched or cracked. You can make a copy of your legally-owned Xbox 360 game d... Read More »

Can you burn wii discs?

It is possible to burn a disc for the Wii so that you can play a homebrew or amateur game. However, the Wii may not play amateur games unless it has been modified, which may void the warranty for t... Read More »