How to Copy Celebrities Makeup & Diets?

Answer Celebrities have some of the best diet and makeup tips due to their high-profile positions. They hire professionals to help them look their best, and these looks are desired by the general public. ... Read More »

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Do any celebrities wear Elizabeth Arden makeup?

Many celebrities wear Elizabeth Arden makeup. Academy Award-winning actress and company spokesperson Catherine Zeta-Jones wears Arden, and she highlights some of her favorite products from the line... Read More »

How do celebrities and non-celebrities end up in relationships together?

All celebrities and non celebrities relationships all have different reasons how they met each other. Celebrities tend to be very active and social. They attend many parties, go on vacations, award... Read More »

Do the copy machines in stores (like Wal-Mart or Walgreens) store all of your photos that you copy?

The kiosks save photo orders for 48hrs and then they're deleted. The printing machine deletes them after 48hrs as well. They do this just in case there's an issue and they need to resend or reprint... Read More »

What are the best diets?

I've been using a guide you can find at and it helped me reach my goal weight and get toned pretty easilyYou should check it out :)Good luck!