How to Copy Cassettes on a Dual-Deck Pioneer?

Answer If you're hosting an '80s-themed event, you might want to make a mix tape in honor of the popular media form of that decade. You can record songs from old cassettes onto a new cassette by using a d... Read More »

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How do I copy my very old music cassettes onto cd.?

you need something like this plugs into the usb port…

How to Copy Cassettes to Computer Hard Drive?

Copying your old cassettes to your computer is a great way to preserve your music collection, and is very simple with the right equipment. Old Cassette Tapes

How do you connect Pioneer PDP-5016hd TV in Dish Network dual mode as TV2?

Although there is not an exact time given that the technician will arrive because, our technician appointments are scheduled either between 8am- 12pm or between 12pm-5pm. However, the technician wi... Read More »

I have Panasonic camcorder and some cassettes can i overwrite on the cassettes or no?

Yes you can. Do it too many times and the quality will diminish over time though.