How to Cope with a Muttering Meeting Member?

Answer When you have a smart aleck in a meeting who insists on making veiled comments under their breath instead of getting to the point in an open, reasoned and sharing manner, there can be a sense that ... Read More »

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Is it against the laws of privacy for a condo board member to disclose at member meeting someones payment history of condo fees also if they are current or not?

Generally, it would be appropriate to discuss past due condo fees and who owes them at a member meeting. However, you should review all the condominium documents to determine if that action is spec... Read More »

How to Cope With a Family Member's Epilepsy?

Coping with a family member or friend who has epilepsy can be difficult. Doing so correctly requires that you help both the person, and yourself.

How do you cope with family member under going chemotherapy?

It is important to remember that your step-father is going through a very stressful time. He will encounter physical and indeed psychological changes. He has to accept initially that he is effect... Read More »

My boyfriend's member is 17 inches long, how can I cope with this? there's enough for two at a time, eh?What time do you need me there?