How to Cope with Your Classes in Middle School?

Answer So you've started middle school. Maybe it's your first year and you are worried about the classes, or maybe you didn't do so hot last year at getting to classes on time. This article will help!

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How to Cope With Boys in Middle School?

If you didn't catch what this article is about based on the title, let me spell it out for you: B-O-Y-S. If you are like me and are in middle school and are disgusted by most of those who are male,... Read More »

Cooking Classes in Middle School?

Home economics classes were offered in schools in the United States as early as the 19th Century. These classes taught girls the basics of homemaking, including cooking, cleaning and childcare. T... Read More »

Importance of Health Classes in Middle School?

Teenage and high school years expose students to a number of risks that range from unprotected sex and drug experimentation to behavioral and mental disorders. Many middle schools treat health educ... Read More »

Activities for Middle School Advisory Classes?

Middle-school advisory classes are a time for students to think about character building, coping skills in school, and plans for the future. Advisory class is an excellent opportunity to connect wi... Read More »