How to Cope with Staying Home Alone?

Answer Are your parents working overtime? Is your brother at the movies? Well here's how to manage staying home alone.

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How to Cope with a Power Outage when You Are Home Alone?

Crash!! Oh no! A power outage! Where are my parents? They're gone! What do I do now? Follow this guide to survive a power outage, when you are home alone.

How to Take Advantage of Staying Home Alone?

Have you ever been home alone, and actually bored? Well, this article shows you how to use the opportunity of staying home alone and using it to your advantage.

What is the age limit to staying home alone in Chattanooga?

There's no exact answer to this question but: The boy may be a macho jerk: What I mean by this is that since he's the only boy, all the women of the house will call him 'the man of the house' or s... Read More »

How to Be Safe when Staying Home Alone (Girls)?

Getting older, there may be times when you'll be on your own; you may even live in different houses on different days of the week. The house may seem a little quieter then you're used to. A doorbel... Read More »