How to Cope with Nightmares?

Answer Nightmares are the result of the subconscious dealing with your hidden anxiety. Not pleasant, but you can calm yourself. Is it really there or is it just some weird dream?!?!?!?!

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What causes nightmares?

Hello scrosie,No one knows for sure why we have nightmares, but often the content of nightmares is related to the stress in our waking lives, such as troubles at work or changes on the job, or prob... Read More »

How to Handle a Dog's Nightmares?

If you have a dog and all of a sudden he just starts to bark or whine loudly in his sleep, hes probably having a nightmare

How to Escape the Nightmares?

So,I heard people have many nightmares these days..My friends had them most,and they were begging me for help,so I finally now wanted to create an article that you would like to read if you have ma... Read More »

How to Induce Nightmares?

What the?Want something a bit more original than Dawn of the Dead IVIXXXXXIIM? Try a nightmare! Believe it or not, some people enjoy that heart-racing, cold-sweat, wake-you-up-the-middle-of-the-nig... Read More »