How to Cope with Living Under a Dictatorship?

Answer From primitive tribes living under the absolute shamanic authority to average people living under modern-day totalitarian governments, there are many things one must do in order to survive.  Pleas... Read More »

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How to Cope with Living Without a Computer?

Living without a computer sucks. But sometimes, it can help you "find yourself".

How to Cope With Living in a Boring Town?

Whether it is Irvine, Singapore, Vermont, or Laguna Niguel, there are still ways you can have a little more fun than you can expect in even the most boring residences! Boring towns can be depressin... Read More »

How to Cope Living Near Drug Addicts?

Dear Reader, I am very sorry that you live around drug addicts, but if you are one, YOU NEED TO STOP!!!! Please???? So, anyways, maybe this is one of your friends, neighbors or parent. You never kn... Read More »

How to Cope as an Adult Living at Home During College?

Age wise you are a legal adult, but, because you are living under somebody else's roof, it is still important to respect their rules.