How to Cope with Emotional and Physiologic Stress?

Answer We all have stress in our lives at some point yes? Well there are some of us that are too overly stressed and need some help to make sure it does not develop into a much worse case scenario.

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How to Cope With Emotional Pain?

Life, while mostly enjoyable, does have its ups and downs. The sun shines on the evil and the good. Pain is an inevitable part of life. Never think that you've been singled out for pain. We all see... Read More »

Are their physical or emotional stress involved with photography?

Finding enough work to pay the bills and meeting deadlines come immediately to mind. Demanding clients who think they know more than you do are another. Physically, you spend a lot of time up on la... Read More »

How to encourage children to cope with negative and emotional outburts?

You can't find much information because every child is different and loses it for different reasons.How you help them cope depends on the child. The child could have physical issues resulting from... Read More »

Can emotional trauma and long-term psychological stress cause a heart attack?

They do not cause the heart attack but they are directly related to it.they increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and then they tell you go home you are having a panic attack if you go in w... Read More »