How to Cope when Your Spouse Has a Less Than Reputable Past?

Answer When you get to know your spouse, you may find out some stuff you do not want to know. For example, when he/she has taken nude pictures, starred in a porno, or anything like that. Anything you feel... Read More »

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In your opinion do the dancers of Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance show less personality and technique than the dancers of past seasons?

Yes! The dancers this season do not appear to be nearly as talented as those of seasons 2 or 3, and their personalities are slightly dull.

Does My Ex-Spouse Get Federal Benefits If Married Less Than 10 Years?

If you are married for less than 10 years, there are certain federal benefits, such as Social Security Benefits, that your ex-spouse is not eligible to receive. An ex-spouse may be eligible to rece... Read More »

How to Cope With Being Less Smart Than Others?

While you may feel that your so far behind everyone, while you're behind your desk hoping not to be called on, your not alone! So read on!

Why do you eat less when you cook your own food than if you eat out?

its because you have not been planning and working with the food you get served at the restaurant.It happens when people work in food service too. If I just finished cooking roast beef dinner for ... Read More »