How to Cope when Your Friends Don't Like Your Fiance?

Answer He's the love of your life but your friends don't agree...When your friends aren't as over-the-moon about the groom as you are, what can you do to bring them round? For starters, keep calm and try ... Read More »

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In Friends what was rachel's fiance's name?

I just dont think I can cope with TTC anymore....?

I can understand how tough this is for you. I believe you will conceive and that you are meant to have kids. Anyone who can show this level of devotion and persistence is meant to be a mother, and ... Read More »

How to Cope With Having No Friends?

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How to Cope Without Friends?

Friends are people who support your life from the beginning and through the end, non-judgmentally and with your best interests at heart. They're sounding boards, guides and shoulders to lean on. Th... Read More »