How to Cope when You Hate Your Hair?

Answer For many people, their hair is their most important asset within their appearance. Hair can frame our face, enhance our good features or just make us plain stand out. Although it may seem shallow a... Read More »

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How to Cope With a Friend That Is Also Friends with Someone That You Hate?

Surely everyone has extra friends outside of their group. But it sucks when one of your friends is also friends with someone you hate! Here are some tips on how to deal with it.

How to Cope With Having to Live/Move to a Place You Hate?

Sometimes life brings you places were you don't want to go. Maybe your moving to the desert from Alaska or maybe you're moving to another country. In whatever case, nothing good will come out of wh... Read More »

Your mom dad and older brother all smoke and drink you hate it but how do you cope with it?

I am sorry that you are in this situation. At the present time, there is probably very little that you can do about it. You can make changes in yourself. You can become a stronger and wiser person ... Read More »

I hate my hair but hate fake hair even more! ?

So, I have a friend who is black, and she like having curls, so she uses this curly hair shampoo, and it really helps her hair to smooth out. also, morracan oil. And always deep condition, she says... Read More »