How to Cope after Mouth Surgery?

Answer Mouth surgery is a great thing, but sometimes it leaves your mouth swollen and 'fat' because it is numb. This can be a very embarrassing feeling for you even though nobody else notices.

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Is bad taste in mouth after surgery normal?

What should I expect after mouth surgery?

I had that happen 3-4 years ago. I was put asleep. You wake up and have a little pain. I think it'll be numb also. Nothing too bad.

After my cancer surgery, mouth, I am in so much pain. Any suggestions?

Hello Bryan- sorry about your pain -go back to the hospital and they will prescribe a good pain relief for you- pronto! promise? you will sleep well after that -take care now.

Is it safe to be pregnant after MVR heart surgery and taking medicine for it after surgery during pregnancy?

Check with your doctor if the package directions do not tell you the answer.