How to Cope With the Bumpy Spots in a Relationship?

Answer In love and happyYou have built yourself up as an individual and grown strong. You have found the person, who you believe, is the love of your life. What about those potholes that every car finds a... Read More »

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How to Cope With Teenage Hormones in a Relationship?

In the teenage years, your hormones are usually out of control but you want to learn how to control them.

How to Cope With Insecurities and Anxiety About Your Relationship?

Relationships can be the scariest thing sometimes. With insecurities, not even the strongest, most independent women and men can go unaffected when in a relationship. Anxiety just makes you fret ab... Read More »

How to Cope With Loss of Financial Independence in a Relationship?

When one partner takes to staying home after both partners have been working, the sudden loss of financial independence can be a source of frustration, tension, and misunderstandings. It is very im... Read More »

For those do you cope or feel if your bf/husband already has a child from a previous relationship ?

Im going through that right now. my husband has a 4 yr old son with his previous girl friend and we have been TTC for almost a year now. I get so angry when i take a pregnancy test and it comes out... Read More »