How to Cope With an Irrational Fear of Tin Foil?

Answer You never realize how prevalent tin foil is in today's world until you somehow find yourself terrified of it. People may point and laugh at you, but the fear is real, and so is the pain of dealing ... Read More »

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What's YOUR irrational fear?

I have this irrational fear of getting stuck in a drainage pipe.

How to Overcome an Irrational Fear?

Irrational fears can haunt you for most of your life. You may struggle with understanding how the irrational fear took hold. suggests that a constant struggle with fear and anxiety can ... Read More »

I have a irrational fear of shots, I have to get 4 in my mouth in 30 minutes, advice on what to do to calm it?

You posted last minute, and will be done by the time you read this.I have your problem, can't even watch people getting shots on fictional shows.It helps to have someone there so you can squeeze th... Read More »

How to Cope With the Fear of Fire?

Do not worry... this isn't your houseMany people are as scared of fire as they are of death; they are in fact the same thing. Fire can be very frightening -- it can consume your house, your belongi... Read More »