How to Cope With a Person Passing Away?

Answer We all know it is a really tough time when somebody close to you has died. It's important that you know how to move on with your life. It may seem difficult at first, like you're never going to sto... Read More »

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How to Cope With a Controlling Person?

It is not easy to deal with or cope with a controlling person. And it is, especially, not easy to cope with it being someone that you care about. Nevertheless, a person should not be completely bli... Read More »

How to Cope With Liking a Person Who Disrespects You?

Liking someone who disrespects you presents something that you should take into account when assessing their character, leading you to dismiss liking them outright; on the other hand, whether or no... Read More »

How do you cope with the death of a close person?

There are on simple or magic answers. What you are actually talking about is coping with grief. It is important to realize that acknowledging the grief promotes the healing process. Time and supp... Read More »

How to Learn to Cope if You Are a Highly Sensitive Person?

The term Highly Sensitive Person is used by the author Elaine Aron in her book with the same title. An HSP is a person who is easily overwhelmed by bright lights and strong smells, often needing to... Read More »