How to Cope With a Grieving Colleague?

Answer Sitting near or being around a grieving colleague can be fairly difficult as you worry about whether or not you are putting your foot in it or not being supportive or not. There is no right or wron... Read More »

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Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?

No,I wouldn't!I wouldn't risk to get infected,die and to leave my son an orphan because some people cannot "control" themselves!It's his problem only,not mine!Sounds selfish, well..yes!I have a fa... Read More »

How to Deal with a Work Colleague Who Has Stinky Lunches?

Stinky Shrimp quesadillaJust when you thought you had your colleague speaking less loudly over the phone, now he opens his stinky lunch that has you reeling in disgust. Is there a polite way to tel... Read More »

How to Cope or Help a Friend Cope With the Death of a Loved One?

If you've lost someone, and want help, or know of a friend mourning the loss of someone close to them and don't want to watch them suffer, then here are some good tips

How to Solve Grieving/ Bereavement With Hypnosis?

grieving and loss is something everyone will experience in their life time. You either will or have gone through a loss in your life. Dealing with the loss can be challenging no matter what way or ... Read More »